Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Progressive Accountant

Would you do business with a company who refuses to remove you from their e-mail list? I wouldn't.

Three times I've unsubscribed and I've now received four e-mails from them asking me to buy their continuing professional education program. Look for their phone number and you won't find one in the e-mail but go to their website and you'll see a list of the four contact people so I called the Editor's number and got what I think was his wife at home. She gave me the Editor's cell phone number but he has yet to return my call.

Is their product any good? Who knows? Is it acceptable CPE in your state? Who knows? All I can do is judge the company by their policies and this company goes on my shit list.

Most companies have been pretty good about honoring my request to be removed from their e-mail list but not The Progressive Accountant.

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  1. Always wondered about BM. Thank you for your very descriptive inside story. You're a great worsdsmith.